Managed SD-WAN with application-defined networking

If you want to make sure your traffic is always routed through the best performing and most efficient network available, SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking) is a great choice for your organization.


SD-WAN is a transport-agnostic approach to managing your network’s traffic, based on real-time application and network performance monitoring. It creates hybrid networks that integrate a variety of carrier services—broadband, LTE and others—into your private corporate network for superior performance, security and resiliency for your business-critical applications. It can rapidly adapt to changes in your traffic and it’s easily scalable to meet your organization’s growth.


CTP’s Managed SD-WAN Service makes it easy for your organization to adopt SD-WAN.

  • We begin with a workshop that reviews your existing network, identifies your applications, and assigns business prioritizations for your network traffic.
  • CTP orders and provisions any additional internet bandwidth required to fully leverage your new network. Managed SD-WAN delivers secure application traffic flow over almost any carrier service offering.
  • Our network engineers will oversee the configuration and implementation of your new SD-WAN environment to minimize business disruptions.
  • We provide comprehensive application and network management/monitoring , around the clock.